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The hand-held tools

China CGDM-1 wall grinding machine factory

CGDM-1 wall grinding machine

Wall Grinding machine is a new generation of wall polishing products replacing manual work. It is time-saving, labor saving and efficient, suitable for home decoration and large-scale public construction sites. ... Read More
2017-08-07 10:20:54
China CGKC-10S wall grooving machine factory

CGKC-10S wall grooving machine

For this series wall groove cutting machine, it is portable and easy operation with leakage Protector. It is a new type water and electricity installment with fast speed and one-time forming, ideal grooving ... Read More
2017-08-07 11:34:32
China CG-PQJ-2 dust free wall planing machine factory

CG-PQJ-2 dust free wall planing machine

This dust free wall planing machine is mainly used in the architectural decoration industry. It used mainly to plane the old wall surface, remove the old wall paper on the interior and exterior wall, the old ... Read More
2017-08-07 11:11:27
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