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"The manufacturers are very experienced and have already exported the products to many countries.
"Treat customers sincerely, consider company reputation fastidiously and depend on high quality to win the success" is the management idea of ​​the manufacturers. They sincerely hope to develop and cooperate with Everybody, and establish long-term and stable operation relations finally with each other. Sincerely welcome the presence of the old and new customers.



Each batch of delivery Chenggong can only accept the acceptance of only five percent, to the supplier caused a lot of food, supplier price increases, but the Chenggong is not afraid, willing to spend high prices to purchase these high-quality products. Vertical and the quality of the pole are very critical, whether the vertical pole to determine whether the vertical wall is wiped out, if the program is not severe on the quality of the procurement of pole, then the production of the powder wall machine will be Unqualified, Not vertical, and how to work out the vertical wall.




Installation must be installed spring washers, wiping the glue, in order to prevent the machine in the high-frequency vibration process of the emergence of loose screws. Machine using the latest international spring-type connection, to avoid vibration loose, no maintenance



All parts of the pole are used CNC machining center drilling, to ensure that all vacancies, the error within 2 millimeters.




Tens of thousands of experiments on the vibration (motor must be selected adjustable 24V vibration and main motor must choose adjustable speed stepping motor with industrial PLC.
The best speed with the data, wall plastering effect is smooth, vertically, adhesive is much higher than the Manual construction, effectively reducing the plaster labor intensity, improve work efficiency, change the human for thousands of years Artificial plaster history!




Import motor automatic frequency conversion

Germany imported stepping motor, automatic deceleration, automatic frequency conversion, automatic braking, protection of the machine running, with a leakage protection device to ensure the safety of personnel when the operation.

Low voltage start technology

Chenggong wall plastering machine adopt advanced low-voltage start-up with stepping motor technology, so that voltage instability is also convenience to use.



ChengGong wall plaster system adopts the intelligent control system for main board, and the industrial microcomputer PLC control system .
through the host of the central processing unit (CPU), to control the circuit composition of the wall plaster machine, during the process of ascension, Drop,
delay, self-locking to achieve the intelligence and safe wall plastering.



For the whole machine, there are more than 50 pieces of spare parts adopting the casting mould process technology to ensure the mechanical precison.


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